Jackie Lowater

Perth Naturopath

E Book - "To Burnout And Back"

to burnout and back book cover

Price: $9.95 AUD

A single mother’s journey from stress, exhaustion & overwhelm to joy & vitality

Hi! 6 years ago I chose to become a single parent. I discovered the joy of unconditional love and being a Mum. I also found myself on a path that led me to stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, and burnout. I like to present a brave face to the world, so at first I was reluctant to share my story with the world. But as a naturopath, my desire to help others came to the fore. So I have written this ebook, telling my story of how I got to burnout, how I found my way back, and how I do things differently now so that I never go back there, and continue to live a life of joy and vitality.

If you are a parent, or even a non-parent who is stressed, these are the things that I hope you can get from my story:

  • Hope
  • Self-empowerment to take charge of your life
  • Courage to make changes
  • Less stress
  • A way back from burnout, or even better, a strategy for burnout prevention
  • A blueprint for joy and happiness

My hope is that you read this before you burnout, and can stop yourself from going there. If you have already reached burnout, I hope this helps you find your way back.

Wishing you health & happiness