Jackie Lowater

Perth Naturopath

Stress, adrenal fatigue and burnout

Categories: Insomnia | Lethargy

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Stress affects all of us at some time in our lives.  If we are stressed for a prolonged period of time, we can suffer burnout and adrenal fatigue.  I would recommend getting support before reaching this stage.  Signs that your adrenals are stressed may include morning fatigue, a mid-afternoon slump, lack of energy, inability to handle stress, feeling overwhelmed, high or low blood pressure, heat and cold intolerance, mild depression, sleep disturbances, weight gain (especially on the tummy), irritability, loss of libido, and digestive symptoms.  I treat stress and the effects of stress by looking at diet, lifestyle, nutritional support and ways to manage stress.  Sometimes the stressors in our lives cannot be changed for some reason, and we then need to find ways of approaching and managing them differently.  This is probably the most important part of treatment, and we work together to find what approach works for you.