Jackie Lowater

Perth Naturopath


How do I practice?

On your journey to wellness, or if you are already well, but want to maintain or explore ways of improving your wellness, I motivate and inspire you, and give you the tools that you need to achieve or maintain wellness, and age beautifully!  I will teach you to take responsibility for your health, excite you about health and empower you.

As a practitioner I believe in moderation and balance in life.  I will not ban coffee from your life unless I believe there is good reason!

Your initial consultation will last between 1-1 ½ hours.  I will ask many question about your current health, diet and lifestyle, and your health history.  We will then discuss your treatment plan.

Follow up consultations generally last between 30 – 40 minutes.

Your consultation, either initial or follow up, depending on how much information there is to cover, will include a test using the Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Ageing (VLA) Program to assess your body composition, hydration levels, nutritional status, and health status.


What can Naturopathy help with?

I treat many health conditions, but some of my “favourites” include…digestive complaints, low mood, depression, anxiety, pyrrole disorder, stress, fatigue, sinus problems, hormonal issues, detoxification, general wellness and healthy aging, support for those with breast cancer, high blood pressure, cholesterol.

I also treat symptoms which many live with, believing that it is ‘normal’, including… low energy and energy slumps (that overwhelming desire to snooze in the afternoon!), headaches, poor sleep, erratic bowel habits, constipation, bloating and digestive discomfort.  These symptoms are not normal and can be overcome.


What about doing tests?

If you have any recent blood tests, or any other medical reports, please always bring copies with you.  As far as possible I work based on the symptoms that you present with.  If I am concerned about things that can be tested with standard blood tests I will ask you to get these things tested by your GP.  Other things I may test are:

Hair tissue mineral analysis:  a sample of your hair is sent for testing to measure the levels and comparative ratios of nutrient and toxic minerals found in your hair

Saliva hormone testing: if you are not responding as you should to treatment which is indicated by your symptoms

Pyrroles:  if you have a history of anxiety or depression, I may get you tested for pyrroles

Allergy testing:  a sample of your hair may be used for testing for food intolerances