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Beat the winter blues!

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Would you love to have fewer colds or flu this winter?  Or none?  Would you like a speedier recovery from germs that do assail you? 

Are you one of those people who seldom gets sick?  Or is winter a time of endless sore throats, coughs, and a streaming or blocked nose?

I remember a time, before I was a Mom, when I seldom got sick.  I did not get “something” every winter.  If I did, it was a mere blip lasting a few days, and with some timely naturopathic action, I was lucky to barely notice its passing.  It was rare to have to spend some time in bed recovering.

Then I had my daughter!  And with this beautiful child, came a greater exposure to germs.  I can recall those days at the start of winter, when I would arrive at day care and see…snot!  Lots of snot from lots of little noses.  My heart would sink as I knew “it” had begun.  The discomfort for myself of trying to sleep when you can’t breathe.  The disturbed nights when my daughter’s nose was either streaming or blocked, and she could not sleep.  The need to reschedule clients if she was unwell and had to stay home.  Not to mention the habit all young kids have of wiping said snotty nose on their sleeve!  I would also feel heartened that as a naturopath, while I was no longer likely to sail through winter unscathed, that I was still able to help myself and my family to recover quickly from these germs, and minimise the number of times we were likely to succumb.

Now we are enjoying beautiful autumn days.  Sunny skies and big blue skies.  But the mornings and evenings are chilly.  A reminder that winter is on its way and with it colds and flu.

If you or your child are one of those people who gets sick frequently, or even if you don’t but want maximise your chance of staying healthy, and reducing the severity and duration of your symptoms, there is something you can do!  Let me help you have a better winter by:

-          improving your immune system

-          creating some awareness

-          giving you a few simple strategies

-          providing you with a winter defence kit, and/or a winter first-aid kit


  1. Reduce stress: stress reduces immune system function, so schedule in some “me-time”, meditation, and outdoor time
  2. Enjoy regular exercise: keeping active reduces the chance of catching a cold by 46%
  3. Sleep: get 7 – 8 hours a night so your body is able to repair and build strength
  4. Eat your veges and fruit daily: a rainbow of at least 3 cups of fresh veges and 2 fruits a day
  5. Eat warm nourishing foods: homemade chicken and vege soup really is a great prescription!
  6. Foods such as garlic, ginger, onion and chilli are warming, fight off illness and reduce inflammation
  7. Drink plenty of water (I choose warm in winter), to stay hydrated
  8. Regular hand washing: to reduce the spread of germs


There are specific key immune-boosting nutrients, herbs and medicinal mushrooms which help to keep your immune system, and that of your children in peak condition, and low doses taken through winter can certainly aid in prevention.


Did you know that 70% of your immune system is in your gut?  So a healthy gut is necessary for a healthy immune system.  There are some specific strains of probiotics that help to support a healthy immune system.  Speak to me at your next consultation about the best probiotic to support you through winter.


Speak to me as soon as possible to start on some nutrients and herbs that will help to decrease the severity and duration of your symptoms.  Or even better, chat to me about keeping a couple of supplements in stock that you can take at the first sign of getting sick.  I find that the earlier I can start, and the harder I hit it, the better the outcome.

If my daughter gets sick, I start treating myself too, and by doing this mostly avoid her germs.


Whether you would like to start some winter defence by taking some nutrients and supplements to boost your immune system now, or get the winter first aid products you need to take at the first sign of sickness, then make an appointment now, or chat to me at your next appointment.  Having a winter immune first aid kit of all you need on hand can make all the difference as to how quickly you bounce back.   

In the meantime, start on the prevention steps listed above, and enjoy this beautiful autumn weather!

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