Jackie Lowater

Perth Naturopath

CURRENT VIRUS CONCERNS: immune support for our families

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With the current virus concerns (not to mention the lack of toilet paper!), I am mindful of keeping calm.  I believe that should I or my daughter contract the virus, that we will be fine.  My concern is my Mum and any other at-risk people.  My Mum, who lives with me and whom I care for, is at high risk should she contract the virus.  She ticks all the risk factors: age (80), immune-compromised (leukemia), and respiratory illness (bronchiectasis). 

I want to do everything in my power to keep my family well at this time, and reduce the risk of any of us bringing the virus home and passing it on to Mum, or anyone else at risk.  This means keeping our immune systems in tip-top shape, and reducing the risk of human-to-human transmission.  That also means I want to keep everyone who visits my clinic as safe as possible.


Which I will keep as brief as possible given the information is everywhere…

80% of deaths is in those over 60 years old, three-quarters of whom had other disorders that may have made them more vulnerable including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Young people appear to be better protected against the virus. A report by the World Health Organization and China, based on the 75,465 cases reported up to 20 February 2020, found that only 2.4% of cases were in those aged 18 or under. No-one knows if children aren’t catching the virus at the same rate as adults, or if they just don’t show symptoms when they do have the virus.


(if you would like supplements to support you and your family at this time, please be in touch)(please remember that not all supplements are of the same quality or at the correct dose for your needs).



Vitamin C (based on experience from other potential epidemics, and recent success, Chinese health authorities have publicly recommended that vitamin C be used in high doses)


Immune enhancing probiotics (much of our immune system resides in our gut)(specific strains enhance the immune system)

Mushroom Complex



The approach would be different and individualised; my Mum has leukemia, so anything that stimulates the immune system (including high doses of vitamin C) can cause more of a problem.  Mum is on a slightly different regime.  Seek expert guidance if you have specific health conditions.



Acute doses of mushroom complex and Vitamin C.

Specific herbal formulations to address symptoms.

Always seek medical attention if you are concerned.  Definitely seek medical attention if the risk is that you have the current virus.



Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

Regular exercise

Get enough good sleep

Manage stress (stress decreases our immune system)



Hand washing: frequent, with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is imperative.  Before meals, after meals if you have eaten with your hands, before handling foods, when you get home from anywhere, should you sneeze or cough into your hand by mistake.

Hand sanitiser: I am not a fan of the chemical ones; there are some great essential oil options available.

Cough/sneeze into your elbow or a tissue.

Toothpaste: we all have our own tube of toothpaste so that we are not touching the same tube across multiple brushes and then putting it into our mouths.

Stop touching your face: this is so hard!!

Self-isolate if you think you may have been in contact with anyone.  Definitely self-isolate if you are awaiting test results.

Stay at home if you are sick, except to get medical attention.

Clean frequently touched surfaces and objects often.

Diffusing essential oils to support the immune system.



Medical checks: if you are due any, get them done now; if the virus spreads, avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor or pharmacy.

Prescriptions: get any repeat prescriptions you may need now, and fill those that you can, or give the prescription in at the pharmacy so it is on record, and you can order over the phone when needed, and have posted/delivered.



These things are NOT a cure.  They are simple suggestions and reminders to minimise the chances of you getting it, and to strengthen your immune system.


If you would like to get supplements to support your immune system at this time, please contact me:

 0431917728 or jackielowater@bigpond.com, or https://www.perthnaturopath.com.au/contact/