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SUCCESS STORY: Missing periods and a hair test

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SuccessStory reduced

I would like to share with you the story of a female client (25) who came to see me as she had not had a period for 2 years.  Prior to that she had had a regular menstrual cycle.  She had been put on the pill, which resulted in a monthly bleed, but after 3 months she stopped taking it, and again did not have any periods.

She had tried naturopathic hormonal treatments with absolutely no success at all, and came to see me at the end of her tether.  Having taken her case, I suspected she had high copper.  High copper keeps oestrogen high, and progesterone low.  The effect is almost like being on the pill, and taking it continually, without taking the placebo tablets.  We did a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), and lo and behold, her copper was extremely high.  The excess copper was resulting in other mineral imbalances, which were contributing to other symptoms she was experiencing.

It took 10 months of detoxing copper and balancing her minerals, and persistence and patience.  Finally she had her first period in what was by then nearly 3 years later!  From that day on they came regularly like clockwork, and continue to do so.

We also needed to work out what was causing her copper to be so high, so that we could stop that from happening again.  It turned out she had pyrrole disorder, which is now well managed.

Sometimes a presenting problem is not as straightforward or obvious as it may seem.  Missing periods will be connected to a hormonal imbalance, the trick is to work out what is driving that imbalance, and fix that!

If your periods are not regular, or causing you problems in anyway, then make an appointment, and let’s work out what is causing the problem.  No one likes irregular periods that appear as a surprise at inappropriate moments.



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