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SUCCESS STORY: “I have IBS and plan my life around toilets”

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I would like to share the story of a man (42) who came to see me with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  His bowel motions varied from normal, to bouts of diarrhoea with 4 to 5 episodes a day.  The diarrhoea was accompanied by urgency, to the point that wherever he drove, his route was planned around available toilets.  He was getting severe pain in his liver/gall bladder area 3 to 4 times a week, which made him unable to breathe or do anything, and nausea first thing in the morning.  He had been on reflux medication for a couple of months.  He had headaches at least twice a week.  His sugar levels were high, and he was overweight.  With a family history of diabetes this was of concern to him.  His stress was high, his energy low, and he would overact in stressful situations, flying off the handle, shouting and throwing things.  He described his sleep as woeful.

We started off making some simple dietary changes, added in a couple of supplements to heal his digestive tract, and then continued with some liver support.  In time he stopped the reflux medication, his digestion healed, and the liver pain and nausea passed.  To his delight and relief, his life and trips were no longer planned around the toilet.  He also learnt what foods triggered a “digestive episode” and avoided them.  Healthy eating and a regular exercise regime reduced his weight and waistline, and his sugar levels are now consistently well within the normal range.  Sleep improved, as did his stress response.  If your digestive system is working well, you are absorbing nutrients properly, other things start working properly too.  Everything really does start in the gut.

If you suffer from IBS, and need to plan your life around available toilets, then make an appointment, and let’s look at what you eat, heal your digestive tract and having you stepping out with confidence, not a thought for the toilet!


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