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SUCCESS STORY: a journey from depression and anxiety to joy

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I would like to share with you the story of a woman suffering depression and anxiety who came to me for help.  This woman (39) had been on and off (mostly on) antidepressants since suffering an anxiety attack in her early twenties.  She had suffered anxiety all her life, and anxiety was her constant companion.  When she came to see me, she was taking 20mg Lexapro a day.  She cried as she told me she had violent mood swings, where she would yell and scream, name call, threaten and throw things.  She had lost joy in anything.  She had no difficulty sleeping, and could sleep forever but her sleep was never refreshing and never enough.  Getting up was such a struggle.  She never dreamed.  Since being on Lexapro she had no libido, which was distressing to her.  She was irritable and felt she had no control.

Treatment started with some dietary improvements, and some nutritional supplements.  Within a short time she was off her medication, and generally doing better, but still feeling no joy, and sometimes struggling with anxiety and a sense of panic.

Then I tested her for pyrrole disorder, including some relevant blood tests.  Her pyrroles were through the roof at 164 (normal is below 10).  Her blood tests showed high free copper. 

When the results came back she cried…happy tears.  She said she had always felt she was “mad”, but now she knew there nothing “wrong with her head”, but rather something physical and biochemical underlying her mood.  She felt optimism and hope for the first time in years.

Once we commenced treatment for this the results were miraculous.  She was more easily able to identify her emotions, stand back, and deal with them appropriately.  The anxiety and sense of panic subsided, only occurred when there was a trigger, and was in proportion to that trigger.  Sleep was refreshing and she was dreaming.  Finally came moments of joy!  She had the resilience to make some dramatic changes to her life to create greater happiness and joy.

Despite having been through an extremely stressful year this year (stress makes pyrroles and the symptoms worse), she continues to do well.  I have her permission to print this story, and a personal message to her: I have been the compass, but you have put in all the hard work and persevered.  I am proud of you for all you have achieved!  Your joy is mine.  Well done!

It is stories like this that make me love what I do…to help change someone’s life for the better.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with anxiety or depression, whether on medication or not, and whether those medications are working or not, I recommend you make an appointment, get tested for pyrrole disorder, and make the dietary and lifestyle changes needed to support your healing.

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